Friday, October 14, 2011

Is the Taurus man slow to commit?

You bet! Lets disregard the usual assumption that Taurus men are partners for life and that they are so committed. Forget everything you have heard about this man who wants nothing more than romance and a long steady relationship. The truth is Taurus men take their time with commitment. The claims that they are long lasting partners and in it for the long haul only comes after years of taking their sweet precious time to commit. Ive seen it with many of taureans. Long time spouses of friends, acquaintances and from personal experience. If you've ever heard the saying that men are like dogs, you have to train them; well you have indeed met a Taurus man. I say this because we already have the knowledge that taureans are stubborn, so getting this man to the alter is going to take a great deal of training and effort.  Take everything you've heard and put a big fat X on it. This is the man you shack up with for years before ever getting married. That is if you have the patience to wait around that long.

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